Throughout the year a wide range of Activities and Events are held at Members houses, in their gardens and parks, and on their wider estates. Divided into four main categories - culture, education, sporting and other, each of these groupings offers great variety. Many activities are relatively hands-on and intensive, and have been specially developed to provide a small number of participants with a really rewarding experience. Others focus on multiple visitors in a single day, over a weekend or even for a longer period.

Some Activities and Events have been specially designed to teach new skills or techniques, and to help participants develop their abilities or expand their knowledge. Others simply provide an interesting, entertaining, enlightening and relaxing experience. Many are clearly aimed at an adult audience, others have been developed specially for children and number are suitable for visitors of all ages.

While the majority of the Activities and Events below are held at the houses of individual Members, those promoted by Historic Houses of Ireland and held at other locations have also been included, provided they are open to all. So too are those arranged and promoted by other groups and bodies, provided they are likely to attract visitors and participants with an interest in Irish country houses, their architecture, gardens, collections and history, along with those who visit our website.