The Pursuit of the Heiress

A day of lectures on the topic of heiress hunting and marriage alliances, which examines the potential pitfalls for all parties concerned. 

The papers below discuss several well-document eighteenth and nineteenth century disasters, from attempted abductions to failed marriages, which took place both in Ireland and abroad.

Papers include

“The drawbacks and dangers of heiress hunting” by Julian Walton

“The decorative life of Marie Antoinette – the glittering road to the Guillotine” by Judy Brittain

“The Abduction of Mary Pike in 1797 – A closer look” by Dr Kieran Groeger

“The Irish ‘Wild Geese’: In search of fortune in the Habsburg Empire” by Dr. Dagmar O’Riain Raedel.


Price per person €70


€125 for two persons


This event is for a maximum of 100 guests

Additional Information:

Lunch is included

Event Summary & Location

5 May 2019

Dromana, Waterford

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